3 September 2014 FLOOD CBA stakeholders’ training seminar in Bucharest

On September o3, 2014 INHGA  realised the Romanian stakeholders training seminar on the Cost – Benefit anlasis features and methodologies as introduced by the FLOOD CBA project. The seminar was attended by 30 representatives of the competent authorities for flood risk management (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change – Department for Water, Forests and Fisheries, Arges– Vedea Water Basin Directorate, Bucharest Emergency Situations Inspectorate, Pitesti Water Management System, Bucharest Hydrological Station, Hydrological Forecasts, Hydrologic and Hydrogeologic Services) and different stakeholders., experts in feasibility studies (SC HIDROELECTRICA SA, SC URBAN PROIECT SA), researchers, hydrologists.