29 September 2014 FLOOD CBA vs Researchers’ night in Seville

The ‘Researchers’ Night’ is a European science project sponsored by the European Commission under the Marie-Curie Sktodowska actions of the Horizon 2020 and it takes place simultaneously in more than 300 cities in 29 European countries since 2005. This year the event was held on September 29th and it managed to gather more than 1,000 scientists and reached more than 50,000 citizens in Andalusia. The FLOOD-CBA project was presented at the main square of Seville where thousands of by passers had access to important research in the “European Corner”, a showcase of different EU Projects where researchers and citizens could interact. Supported by an exhibitor and leaflets Dr. Fatima Navas and her UPO team could interact with all kind of public -from young people to elderly, from students to professionals- to explain face to face the goals and results of our project as well as its role in flood prevention and in the context of the EU Floods Directive implementation. The event was a success and contributed to the core task of disseminating and communicating to the citizenship the efforts made within the EU projects in general and FLOOD-CBA in particular.


Researchers' night in Seville