The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management



The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA – www.inhga.ro) is a public institution and a sub-unit of the “Romanian Waters” National Administration, coordinated y the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. INHGA is the national authority in hydrology, hydrogeology and water management. INHGA develops research activities and provides operational services of national and international public interest for the protection and socio-economic well-being of people. INHGA’s activities help improve people’s quality of life and help protect the environment. From 1880 National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management assured the continuity of river watch and warning hydrological extremes. Historical data base of hydrological parameters and Hydrological parameters Cadastre is a thesaurus belonging to this national institute.

INHGA is responsible with development of the forecasting system and early warning system. From this perspective INHGA implements a large modernization program for Hydrological Information System of 46 million euro. It implemented different Interreg IVB and IVC projects, and participated into FP6 and FP7 projects for EFAS and Lisflood forecasting model application in the Danube Basin and contributed to the Atlas of the hazard and risk maps along the Danube River, by Danube Floodrisk Project implementation.

INHGA assists to the development of the Flood Protection Plans which includes Hazard mapping and Flood Protection Action Plans for the 11 river basins in Romania (Somes-Tisza, Crisuri, Mures, Banat, Jiu, Olt, Arges-Vedea, Ialomita-Buzau, Siret, Prut, Dobrodja), initiated through the state budget and continued by the POS-ENV. This will prepare the partial reporting for the Flood Directive for the entire area of Romania and further on will open opportunities for further investments for flood protection, making a correct prioritization for hazard protection. In the next stage, a flood risk qualitative analysis through a decision matrix has to be implemented for a final decision and for public and stakeholders involvement in flood management plan designing. Axes 5 is further financing the proposed measures.

Water Economy is a domain under development in INHGA and Flood CBA Project will help a lot for increasing capacity of the INHGA staff.


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