Definition and classification of costs

The reliability of a benefit-cost comparison depends crucially on the accurate estimation of costs. All expected whole-life costs of works and management are required to be included in this including capital, maintenance and operating costs.

  • Capital Costs
  • Operating Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Decomissioning Costs
Typical costs of flood risk management, with examples

Cost element

Example: Structural flood risk management measure

Example: Non-structural flood risk management measure

Capital costs

Construction of culverts or raised flood defence walls

Telemetry system for flood forecasting and warning systems

Operating costs

Electricity to power moveable items such as flood sluices or gates

Staff for flood forecasting centres

Maintenance costs

Inspection and renewal of the bearings in a flood gate

Generally relatively insignificant

Decomissioning costs

Demolition of flood walls

Generally relatively insignificant


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