Relevant projects

  • DANUBE FLOODRISK Cost-effective measures for flood risk reduction: risk assessment, risk mapping, involvement of stakeholders, risk reduction by adequate spatial planning. Transnational Cooperation Program South East Europe. 2009-2012.
  • FLINKMANA Stakeholders Linking Framework for Flood Management. Civil Protection Financial Instrument 2009. 2010-2011.
  • FLOODsiteIntegrated Flood Risk Analysis and Management Methodologies. 6th Framework Programme. 2004-2009.
  • FLOODWISECross border river basin management. INTERREG IVC. 2010-2012.
  • HARENHazard Assessment based on Rainfall European Nowcasts. Civil Protection Financial Instrument 2011.
  • CORFUCollaborative Research on Flood Resilience in Urban areas. FP7 Project. 2010-2014.
  • STAR-FLOOD ProjectSTrengthening And Redesigning European FLOOD risk practices: Towards appropriate and resilient flood risk governance arrangements. FP7 Project. 2012-2016. 
  • SMARTeSTSmart resilient technologies, systems and tools for flood resilience. FP7 Project. 2010-2013. 
  • IMPRINTS Reduction of loss of life and economic damage through the improvement of the preparedness and the operational risk management of flash flood and debris flow. FP7. 2009-2012. 
  • FLOODPROBETechnologies for the cost-effective Flood Protection of the Built Environment. FP7. 2009-2013. 
  • EFASEuropean Flood Awareness System. JRC project. 2002-present 
  • FLOOD-ERAMethodological challenges of evaluating non-structural measures even in comparison to structural measures. EU funded project, CRUE ERA-NET initiative. 2006-2008. 
  • ISOKIT Country Protection System against extreme hazards.
  • ACQWAUsing advanced modelling techniques to quantify the influence of climatic change on the major determinants of river discharge at various time and space scales, and analyse their impact on society and economy.
  • CapHazNetSocial Capacity Building for natural hazards
  • CRUE ERA-NETAims to introduce structure within the area of European Flood Research by improving co-ordination between national programmes.
  • FREEMANFlood REsilience Enhancement and MANagement: a pilot study in Flanders, Germany and Italy
  • HYDRATEHydrometeorological data resources and technologies for effective flash floods forecasting
  • UrbanFloodInvestigating the use of sensors within flood embankments to support an online early warning system, real time emergency management and routine asset management.
  • WATCH-Water and Global ChangeBrought together the hydrological, water resources and climate communities to analyse, quantified an predicted the components of the current and future global water cycles and related water resources state
  • WaterDiss2.0Developing a ‘toolbox’ of methods aimed at improving the uptake of water-related research results from EU funded projects to support the implementation of the European water policy.

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