Costs of environmental enhancement and mitigation

In the case of the protection of environmental assets, costs include:

  • Increased time for negotiation in the planning and design stages
  • Increased land-take for the project
  • Increased construction costs due to on-site mitigation measures during the operational stage
  • Management after construction
  • Monitoring and management adjustments

In the case of the replacement of environmental assets, costs should cover:

  • Land acquisition
  • Initial site survey/feasibility study
  • Background research including species and population studies
  • Removal and maintenance of plant species (ex-site conservation)
  • Seed bank creation from sources at site to be lost or damaged
  • Reintroduction
  • Habitat creation including physical factors (e.g. Hydrological and sediment regimes)
  • Habitat management/site wardening
  • Control of competitors
  • Monitoring: short, medium and long-term
  • Site safeguards
  • On-going advice to land managers
  • Publicity and public relations

With the creation of substitute sites as a replacement for what is being lost, the main costs should cover:

  • Land acquisition
  • Set-up costs
  • On-going management during the establishment stage
  • On-going monitoring
  • Subsequent adjustment of management regimes over several years, depending on habitat type


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