Flooding conributing to the consequences of flooding on human health

  • Characteristics of the flood event (depth, velocity, duration, timing, etc.)
  • Type of property e.g. single storey, two storey etc
  • The amount and type of property damage and losses
  • Whether flood warnings were received and acted upon
  • Previous flood experience and awareness of risk
  • Any coping strategies developed following previous flooding
  • Having to leave home and live in temporary accommodation
  • The clean-up and recovery process and associated household disruption
  • Frustration and anxiety dealing with insurance companies, loss adjusters, builders and contractors
  • Pre-existing health conditions and susceptibility
  • Increased anxiety over the possible reoccurrence of the event
  • A loss in the level of confidence in the authorities perceived to be responsible for providing flood protection and warnings
  • Financial worries (especially for those not insured)
  • A loss of the sense of security in the home
  • An undermining of people’s place identity and their sense of self (e.g. through loss of memorabilia)


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